IT Consulting Services

Consulting services customized to meet the unique needs of your organization. You’ll benefit from our ability to work with you regardless of business size or industry. Every company and project are different and we’ve seen them all over the last couple years. Confirm we are a good fit by scheduling a brief conversation.

CODGrid's IT Consulting

CODGrid Consulting Service enables clients maximize business value from its IT budget leading to improved

project performance and faster delivery. Our technology resource leverage business knowledge, process control, technical expertise, and substantial domain experience in most industry verticals.

With over 10+ technology consultants with rich industry experience, CODGrid has delivered valuable resources to our client corporation, across the United States by pioneering in various software technologies implementations and cutting-edge technology solutions.

We guarantee our clients in continuous enhancement and improvement to our hiring processes by acquiring

best talents from around the globe and effectively absorbing emerging technologies.

CODGrid’s approach to enterprise IT professional services:

  • Holistic Engagement Methodology from Core Infrastructure to Enterprise Business Application and Training
  • Subject Matter and Domain Expertise
  • Consulting and Advisory Services
  • Deliverables Management
  • Project Management

CODGrid's Approach to Security Implementation

CODGrid follows a 7-step engagement process to ensure a most efficient security implementation possible.

  1. STRATEGIZE – In this stage we identify your requirements and the service deliverables. Our engineers will understand your organization’s strategic security objectives and top priorities. Further, they will assess your existing security environment and determine your hardware and software requirements.
  2. PLAN – In this stage, the CODGrid team will develop a project plan and validate the plan against the objectives and priorities identified earlier. In this stage we will plan and develop the System Architecture and review it with your organization and develop a deployment strategy.
  3. DESIGN – In the design stage, we will define the security policies, develop security business process architecture, and specify reporting requirements.
  4. DEPLOY – In the deployment stage, the CODGrid team will install the required security products, and complete the initial configuration of security products in the pilot environment.
  5. TEST AND GO-LIVE – In the Go-Live phase, the CODGrid team will assess the configuration and test the installed security products.
  6. OPTIMIZE – In the final stage, CODGrid team will tune the installed products to streamline and enhance your systems. This will be done through reviewing the reports of the deployed security products, retuning the configuration based on reports, deploying additional functionality and refining alerting and notification.
  7. CSS – Post deployment, the CODGrid team will administer the Customer Satisfaction Survey.

What Kind of Companies Look For IT Consultants?

The rise in remote working environments has seen more businesses than ever scouting for solutions that ensure productivity and low operational costs. While businesses both large and small make use of IT consulting services, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have found them particularly helpful in providing recommendations for solutions that are tailor-made for their business. After all, when it comes to technology, the one-size-fits-all approach rarely works. Technology consultants are aware of this and focus on finding solutions that will help individual companies to reach their goals.

IT Consulting Services We Offer

At CODGrid, our first step as IT consultants is to understand your business and your IT goals. We understand that every business has specific needs, and that what worked for another company may not work for you. That’s why every new relationship begins with us performing an extensive IT audit to understand your existing technologies and the IT problems that you face. Our IT pros analyse the findings and recommend technologies that will best suit your business.

We offer full service consulting including architecture, design, development, branding, business analysis, project management, and support. We can work as an extension of your internal team or provide turnkey solutions, work in a job-sharing mode or provide full-time staff augmentation. We work with you to determine the right engagement model based on your needs.

CODGrid helps customers deliver entire LOB application from start to finish. Our professional consultants have experience across a wide variety of industry verticals including finance, legal, utility, education, manufacturing, retail, and healthcare. We’re diligent about presenting our clients with options that fit their specific needs and budget. We also have an unparalleled commitment to the ongoing maintenance, support, and success of the solutions we deliver.

Our consultants dedicate themselves to remaining current on the latest Microsoft technologies while constantly maintaining and incorporating lessons learned from prior versions and past experiences. Expertise spans the Microsoft stack of technologies including SharePoint, Office 365, Azure, SQL Server, Power BI, Microsoft Teams, Flow, PowerApps, Planner, Stream, Exchange, Active Directory, Windows Server, Visual Studio and the .NET Framework.

CODGrid can help create and/or maintain custom solutions built using .NET, SQL Server, Azure, and other Microsoft technologies. We also build custom solutions for SharePoint including provider or SharePoint-hosted apps/add-ins, web parts, SPFx, event and feature receivers, farm and sandboxed solutions.

Choose one or more service models that work best for your organization. We offer traditional time & materials or project-based consulting. You can also take advantage of one or more of our managed services or pay-as-you-go options.

CODGrid helps companies navigate, evaluate, and leverage Azure’s cloud service offerings. Take advantage of Azure’s infrastructure capabilities to reduce or eliminate the need for physical servers and other data center components. Leverage the Azure’s platform as a service for developing and deploying business applications and processes. And, use the cloud-based software that’s been made readily available on Azure for gaining quick access to sophisticated business applications. CODGrid can help with everything from infrastructure and administration, to custom app services development and deployment.

CODGrid can help you visualize and analyze your data in ways that are specific to your business so you can make informed business decisions. We’re experts in all facets of Microsoft SQL Server including SSRS, and we can help you leverage Power BI for powerful dashboards, quick insights, and extensive data analytics capabilities. We also perform custom audit services for data residing in SQL Server and Excel.

We’re experts at analyzing existing processes and road mapping the path to a more efficient workforce and use of technology. Contact us to discuss how we can help enhance your business by leveraging Microsoft technology to introduce greater efficiencies, accuracy, and functionality into your business processes.

Consulting Security Services

Ensuring your platforms are secure is critical. Security Consulting services ensure you can sleep at night without worrying you’ve skipped a crucial step.

Risk Assessment & Remediation

CODGrid will assess your organization’s security posture, produce a remediation plan and work closely with you to harden your environment. Services include:

  • Risk and Vulnerability Assessment
  • Remediation Planning
  • Information Security Roadmaps

Microsoft Security Stack

CODGrid can assist your organization with leveraging Microsoft tools that are available to help protect against targeted threats and insider attacks, including:

  • Azure Security Center
  • Azure Advanced Threat Protection
  • Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection

Microsoft Platform Security

Microsoft Azure

Security assessment for your Microsoft Azure IaaS cloud platform covering approximately 100 recommendations across 8 areas, including:

  • Identity and Access Management
  • Security Center
  • Storage Accounts
  • SQL
  • Logging and Monitoring
  • Networking
  • Virtual Machines
  • Other Security Considerations

Microsoft SQL Server

Security assessment for your Microsoft SQL Server environment covering approximately 40 recommendations across 8 areas, including:

  • Installation, Updates and Patches
  • Surface Area Reduction
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Password Policies
  • Auditing and Logging
  • Application Development
  • Encryption
  • Additional Considerations

Microsoft SharePoint

Security assessment for your Microsoft SharePoint on-premises environment covering approximately 40 recommendations across 7 areas, including:

  •  Settings
  • Access and Permissions
  • Secure Infrastructure Design
  • Authentication
  • Auditing
  • Services and Connections
  • Web.Config Configuration

Microsoft Office 365

Security assessment for your entire Office 365 tenant covering approximately 40 recommendations across 4 areas, including:


  • Security Management
  • Threat Protection
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Information Protection

Microsoft Exchange Server

Security assessment for your Microsoft Exchange Server covering approximately 50 recommendations across 3 areas, including:

  • Transport
  • Mailbox
  • Other

SharePoint Online

Security assessment for your SharePoint Online instance covering approximately 50 recommendations across 3 areas, including:

  • Policies
  • Settings
  • Sharing

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